LIVE UNITED is a national movement. We strengthen communities by improving education, income, and health. Our goals are clear, ambitious, and attainable — but only with your support.

Your contribution will support the building blocks of better lives and stronger communities: a quality education that leads to a stable job; enough income to support a family through retirement; and good health. Donate.

Real, sustainable community improvement requires changes in public policy. LIVE UNITED is not about Democrat vs. Republican; it’s about understanding our nation’s crises and coming together to solve them.

•Support the 2-1-1 social service hotline.
•Preserve charitable giving tax incentives.
Each of us has special talents. Things we can do to help. Put your talents to work for your community.

Listed below are volunteer opportunities in your community: 

The CASA program is currently taking applications for caring people to become CASA Volunteers. We need strong individuals who believe children deserve safe, loving, forever homes.  

The CASA staff trains and assists the volunteers so these powerful advocates can effectively make recommendations to the judge on behalf of their CASA child. The CASA volunteer provides the judge with carefully researched information to help the court make a sound decision about the child’s future.  Becoming a CASA volunteer is a chance to:

  • Give back to your community
  • Explore a career path
  • Work alongside attourneys and social workers to ensure children are safe
  • Change a child's life forever

Take on a challenge, learn new things, make new friends! Please contact Mary at 625-0112 for more information or visit our website at  Please don’t procrastinate on making this very rewarding, life changing decision of becoming a CASA volunteer!


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